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Lords & Knight DB

( February 10, 2014 )

Alliance and player maps

We’ve added a maps section: http://lordsandknightsdb.com/maps/

Here you can generate a map with alliance and/or player castles.

You can choose which alliances and player to show, and select a color for each one.

I hope you enjoy


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( January 29, 2014 )

Forum and chat for Lords and Knights

Recently, I found two interesting sites:

I hope you like

( January 16, 2014 )

Active players

Recently, Mike has suggested a column to show inactive players.

So, we’ve added a column in alliance member list to indicate if the player is active or not for last week.


Thanks for your comments, Mike.


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( January 3, 2014 )

LAKBot now available

Recently a bot has been released for Lords and Knights.

Among them we can highlight important features:

  • Automatic Farming
  • Automatic Building
  • Automatic Researching
  • Automatic Recluiting
  • Automatic Trading

Try it for free at: http://lakbot.com/

( November 6, 2013 )

More servers added

We’ve added more servers, including swedish, USA 5 and Deutsch. You can choose all of them in sidebar.

More servers, coming soon!

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( October 30, 2013 )

Search by name



Regretful has suggested add searching by castle name.

So, we added the search by name for alliances, players and castles.

Thanks for your comments, Regretful.


( May 23, 2013 )

All Spain Servers added

We’ve added all Spain servers. You can choose all of them in sidebar.

More servers, coming soon!


( May 22, 2013 )

Link to game

We’ve added a direct link to the profile in the game to alliances, players and castles.

Only works on tablets and mobile phone and you need to have the game installed.


( May 22, 2013 )

Historical charts

We have added graphics with the evolution of alliances, players and castles.


( May 18, 2013 )

Search engine of castles

Now you can search your castle goal by several criteria:

  • Castles without alliance
  • Castles of the specific alliances
  • Castles alliances with less than x points

I hope you enjoy


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